Women’s Health

A woman has a complex system of hormones which causes a fluctuating environment, producing a monthly cycle. With every new cycle our hormones undergo changes and when our hormones are balanced and in tune we feel physically and emotionally well, have a positive outlook and are full  energy.   There are however times when our  hormones are unbalanced  and this creates a system that has the potential to cause “distress” both emotionally and physically. We may feel emotional and become teary, irritable or feel tired, experience period pain, breast tenderness and generalised aches and pain.

Homeopathy can help and support you if you experience any of the above symptoms or

  • need support going off the birth control pill
  • need support with the after pains of miscarriage of abortion
  • need support for pre-menstrual syndrome, pain at ovulation,  heavy period, irregular & painful periods
  • Preconception, Fertility & IVF support
  • need support during and after pregnancy
  • experience symptoms of cystitis &  incontinence, thrush
  • experience emotional upsets, sleep disturbances
  • need support before during and after menopause (hot flushes, vaginal dryness)

Young women

  • puberty
  • acne

Medical internventions

  • Pap smear
  • laparoscopy, D & C,
  • before and after surgery