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How to improve Sperm Quality

We will look at your lifestyle and diet and recommend some changes if required. These changes can have a huge effect on sperm, whether there is a problem with sperm concentration, motility or morphology. We supply herbs, supplements or homeopathic medicines to help improve sperm quality. We will work around your lifestyle and support you so that this treatment can be implemented easily.

The result of the semen analysis can be very confusing to couples. The current guidelines set out by WHO (World Health Organisation) state the lowest 5 percentile as normal. For example, sperm motility is considered normal if it is above 40% meaning that at least 40% of sperm are moving. This is usually stated in the semen analysis. So if you are in the lowest 5 percentile, 40% of your sperm are moving and you are good to go. We don’t believe that the lowest 5 percentile will give you the best chance for fertility. According to WHO the average motility is 61%. So your aim should be to get close to average and not just the lowest 5%. 

It’s also interesting to note, that according to WHO’s manual, published in 1980, the recommendation for motility was >60%, then it was reduced in 1999 to >50% and the most recent update to >40%. This shows the decline in sperm quality over the years and what is considered normal now, was far from normal in 1980.

Health, Lifestyle Choices & Quality of Sperm  

Lifestyle choices, recreational use of marijuana, cocaine, excessive alcohol or excessive tobacco use do affect sperm quality, mobility, and motility. Excessive marijuana use is known to cause high sperm abnormalities (sperm have large heads, are slow, swim in circles, reduction in the sperm numbers as well as a shorter lifespan).

Injuries to testes

A previous history of sporting injuries to the testes can affect the production of sperm as well as long-distance bike rides, a history of undescended testes, and

Keep them cool

  • Wear boxers, so that testes don’t overheat                                                                              
  • Don’t cross your legs
  • Avoid saunas, spas, and hot baths
  • Avoid electric blankets

Avoid radiation

  • Don’t put mobile phones in your pockets
  • Keep mobile phones away and other electric equipment out of the bedroom
  • If you are using your mobile as an alarm clock, then change it to ‘flight mode’.

Reduce toxins

  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid recreational drugs and medical drugs
  • Limit coffee intake to 1 per day maximum

Environmental factors

  • Minimize your exposure to environmental chemicals, such as pesticides, herbicides, insect repellents, air fresheners.
  • Avoid plastics, especially plastic containers, bottles, take away cups. Use glass wherever possible.


  • Try and sleep at least 7 – 8 hours per night

Minimize stress

Stress on Male Partner to Perform

Is your partner stressed from ‘sexual performance anxiety’? Does he have erectile problems when he is expected to perform on cue which affects erectile function and/or performance and/or ejaculation? Understandably, this can be upsetting for you the female partner. Some women become convinced that their partner does not wish to have a baby. It is not (usually) anything to do with the man not wanting a child. Sex when trying to conceive is very stressful for both partners. The stress of infertility can be very destructive to even the best relationships. Take care and nurture your relationship and be gentle, caring and understanding with each other. Most important of all keep talking with each other. Have a dinner date, go for a walk on the beach or just simply enjoy each others company!    

Who is the Program for?


  • Men who have had a semen analysis done                                                       
  • Men with an average or below average semen analysis
  • Men who prefer a natural approach to fertility
  • Men who have other health issues that affect their sperm quality
  • Men who are looking for a cheaper alternative to IVF
  • Men who want to take control over their health and fertility
  • Men who want to take their fertility into their own hands and be proactive

Who is it not for?

  • Couples who are looking for a quick fix.
  • If you are not prepared to make some dietary/lifestyle changes.

How does the Natural Fertility Program work?

We schedule your initial appointment. You can come in person or talk via Skype if you live interstate. We will go through your medical history and I will prescribe homeopathic medicines tailored to your needs, and supplements, depending on what is required. Those will be posted to you including instructions if you live interstate. Once you receive the medicines we will schedule another appointment to discuss the treatment plan.

We schedule a follow-up appointment after about 1 month to make sure you are on track with everything and to discuss any issues you may encounter. Another follow-up appointment is scheduled 6 weeks after that. After 4 months on the program, it’s time to have another semen analysis done.

In between appointments
We are here for you. If you have any questions or concerns, email or phone us and we will answer your questions or set up another appointment to discuss your concerns in person or via Skype.

How long will this program go for?
This program goes for 4 months. We expect to see improvements in the semen analysis after 4 months.



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