Family Health

I am passionate about getting people well. For the past 15 years I have been assisting families like yours gain relief and improve their health using a natural approach. Treating240_F_53044082_AjXt7G5XRXZVYogOGOfetCvGvWYdvZFw your family’s colds and flu, headaches, aches and pains, bumps and bruises has never been easier. Homeopathy can be used for Babies, Toddlers, Children, Teenagers, in short the entire family.

family, motherhood, spring, summer and people concept - happy laAs parents we all want our very best for our children and it is the aim of every parent to keep our children healthy and save. As a mother of six children I totally agree. We all love babies! Whose heart does not melt when looking at a baby? Babies bring out the very best and gentle side in us and we can’t help ourselves but want to hold and cuddle, kiss them, talk to them and protect them. When they become unwell we feel their pain and squirm when they feel unwell, are in pain from teething or colic.

The process of growing up can be challenging at times not only for the child but also for parents.   Each stage of development brings with it different challenges for the child; the child has to deal with physical and emotional growth. This includes learning and mastering new skills, become independent, learn social skills on both emotional and intellectual level as well as physical growth by gaining new fine and gross motor skills.

As part of growing up children will also go through colic, teething, temper tantrums, tummy aches, colds, abrasions, which are all normal developmental milestones to reach. Temper tantrums can be challenging at times for any parent, however these are normal. I speak from experience having raised six children! Kids love structure, boundaries and a calm, understanding and consistent approach, which provides children with security, healthy attachments with their parent or caretaker. Homoeopathy can support the little Up’s and Downs children go through growing up. Homoeopathic medicines act gently and are provided in drops and small pills, which are easy to take. 

Homoeopathy may be of help with children experiencing symptoms of:  Bumps and bruising, colic, coping with change, coughs and colds, , recurrent or persistent runny nose, mild earaches, sore throats, teething , upset or sore tummy, skin rashes, nappy rash, clinginess, separation anxiety and crying at night , bedwetting and more. 

 Consultation for young children

If a consultation is for a young child or infant, I will be interested in the mother’s physical and emotional state before and during the pregnancy; the pregnancy and the birthing
experience; vaccines given and any reactions that took place; the time it took for the infant to reach milestones i.e. teething, walking and talking, and the presenting complaints. 

Consultation for older children and teenagers

kidsIf the consultation involves discussing any sensitive issues such as behavioural problems, trauma, grief or other sensitive issues then it is best for the parent to make an appointment before the initial consultation with the child, or to bring a friend or family member to the appointment to take the child out for part of the consultation to allow for a discussion in private.


Not only are teenagers subject to pressures to belong, in the same way as they experienced when younger, but they are beginning to become aware of the need to know themselves as and unique. Puberty brings about enormous changes emotional, mentally and in the shape of these children’s bodies. Common health problems during this time are skin complaints such as acne, menstrual difficulties and emotional/ behavioural problems, disrupted sleep, exam nerves, hyper sensitivity, inability to focus, lack of energy, low self-confidence/self-esteem, moodiness, performance anxiety, poor concentration, teenage blues, study stress and weepiness.  Teens

Homoeopathy can help stimulate the healing system to deal with the hormonal changes naturally and so reduce the harmful impacts on the body that produce skin complaints and menstrual difficulties and ma. Leah can also recommend a “constitutional” homeopathic medicine, which closely matches a wide range of features in the teenager’s experience. Not just particular symptoms that are being experienced, but sensitivities and ways of coping, such as becoming withdrawn, rebellious, over-sensitive, loud complainers, restless or stubborn.

This may sound like an every teenager! Homeopathy can help support teenagers as they transition from childhood into adulthood, helping them with the many physical and emotional stresses and rebalance their energy from the roller-coaster of hormonal changes.  But a consult with Leah into the teenager’s constitution will best guide her towards the most suitable remedy.