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Does this sound like you?

Have you been trying to conceive for a while and are getting frustrated why it’s not happening for you? Perhaps you have been through IVF or have tried to get pregnant naturally and you feel you are not in control of your own fertility. Trying to have a baby can feel like being on an emotional roller coaster for any couple trying to conceive. You desperately want a baby… with each month that goes by where your period commences… it’s another slap in the face and the grief sets in. You think to yourself “What’s wrong with me?” “Why can’t I have a baby?”, “It’s all my fault, I waited too long”, “I didn’t look after my body when I was younger” and of course, “why me?”

Friends and family don’t help, they don’t understand. The pressure from them to have a baby is immense and you don’t feel like you can talk to them about it. You feel like you are letting them down.

You have a desperate longing and yearning for a baby, to feel the movement of a child in your tummy so that you can feel “complete” and “whole”. And since you are here on my website, I’m guessing you’ve also tried everything in the book to fall pregnant. You have monitored your ovulation, done something else and may have even done a few rounds of IVF… all to no avail. Do you suffer from PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), endometriosis, fibroids, or irregular periods?

Who can benefit from program?

  • You have been trying to conceive for 6 months or more
  • You have unsuccessfully undergone IVF, IUI or any other fertility treatment
  • You suffer from endometriosis, PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), fibroids or other conditionsWomen who are affected by unexplained infertility
  • You have health problems that affect their fertility
  • You have a partner with low sperm count and other issues
  • You have gone from doctor to doctor to find a solution and are still searching for answersWomen who prefer a natural approach to fertility
  • You want to boost their fertility naturally and affordably
  • You want to enhance the success of IUI/IVF
  • You cannot cope with conventional medicines or synthetic hormonesWomen who want to be supported and guided
  • You are concerned about the financial burden of ART on their relationship and familyWomen who want to take control over their health and fertility

The Natural Fertility Program includes:

  • All Remedies & 6 LH Strips and 2 Pregnancy tests
  • Diet & Lifestyle recommendations when indicated to boost your fertility and increase your chances to conceive 
  • Support to help you make those changes
  • Address any fears, hopes and emotional issues you feel


  • Gain a better understanding of your body, fertility awareness
  • Increase your fertility through natural means
  • Prepare your prepare your in a gentle and natural way for conception
  • Feel safe, heard & understood
  • Receive IVF support
  • Change your body to create optimum health and the perfect environment to hold and carry a new life.
  • Gain awareness and confidence in your lifestyle and diet
  • Reduce the stress you are placing yourself under by not having a baby or feelings you are running out of time
  • Relax your state of mind so that your body can be in better health to conceive a baby
  • Natural, Individual and Affordable

You will also…

Feel lighter, hopeful, excited, knowledgeable, informed, aware and most of all… not alone. I will be by your side Step by Step throughout your journey and help you to achieve your goal. My program is not only about getting your body  ready to conceive but also to nurture, sustain, feed and hold the baby during your pregnancy.

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The moment I met Leah I felt extremely comfortable and confident that this was a practitioner who was not only professional but had the best interests in mind for her patients’ lives holistically. On Leah’s advice my treatment was a mix of homeopathy and conventional medicine which very quickly led me to being able to resolve my women’s health issues which I’d struggled with for pretty much my entire adult life. The beautiful part was that the homeopathic treatment Leah prescribed also treated some of my own personal development goals… all of a sudden I realised I’d changed into the person I truly wanted to become. I wholeheartedly recommend Leah for those seeking a professional, intelligent and results driven practitioner who is easy to talk to.”
Ines Deciccia. Senior Marketing Communications Manager

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`I was trying to fall pregnant for the last 1.5 yrs and did not want to subject my body to the side effects from artificial medicines. Evelin was professional from start and her diagnosis of my problem was spot on. She started me on the right medication/diet to balance my hormones. Evelin was very patient and understanding throughout this process. We as a couple are very thrilled and excited to start parenthood. I would recommend this program to every woman who is struggling to conceive and would like a natural approach to successful pregnancy.“ — B.G.

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Leah is fantastic! She is an expert and really knows what she’s doing. Her treatment has been really effective for me. So glad I found her!

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