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You have come to to this website because you are interested in natural health or a more individual approach to health care for yourself and your family. Perhaps a friend told you about Homeopathy and how it has helped them and you’re curious about what homeopathy may have to offer you. Or you have struggled with health issues and are looking for natural health care approach to support yourself and your family. My work as a a homeopath is designed to deliver consistent satisfaction to all my clients. I offer a safe, caring, supportive and confidential environment; the Homoeopathic Consultation is a period of time dedicated to your wellbeing and allows you to relax and focus on your needs. Please feel free to check out my different services I offer below to see which is the right fit for you and what you need.

Healthy Families

Leah Zinn is passionate about getting people well. For the past ten years she has been assisting families like yours gain relief and improve their health using a natural approach. Treating your family’s colds and flu, headaches, aches and pains, bumps and bruises has never been easier…….

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Natural Fertility Program

Trying to have a Baby can be a very trying time for any couple trying to conceive. You desperately want a baby with each month that goes by where your period commences, it’s another slap in the face and the grief sets in. You think to yourself “What’s wrong with me?”

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Women’s Health

A woman has a complex system of hormones which causes a fluctuating environment, producing a monthly cycle. With every new cycle our hormones undergo changes and when our hormones are balanced and in tune we feel physically and emotionally well, …

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Children & Behaviour

Has your child difficulties in school with learning, making friends or has been labelled as ADHD? Perhaps you have done some research on the internet, or you’ve heard all the media hype about this condition which not only effects your child but the whole family. You are..

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Mom’s & Bubs

One reason to consider homeopathy for mums and Bub’s is that it is low-risk and can be given to breast feeding mums as well as their Bub’s. Postpartum mothers need rest, attention and gentle healing, and are more often than not, exhausted and overwhelmed.


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Men’s Health

It is common knowledge that most men visit their GP less often then women and they may try to ignore a niggling health issue in the hope that it will go away. Most men suffer more in silence then visit their GP and and their health and lifestyle issues are more likely to be overlooked.


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Meet Leah

As the mother of six Leah’s interest in natural therapies started when two of her children were diagnosed with ADD and ADHD and could not tolerate Ritalin due to side effects. Through the use of whole foods and homeopathic medicines her sons’ health improved


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All new clients need to start with a face-to-face, initial session. Homeopathic consultations are very different from a visit to a GP. Before your visit, we ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire.



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