Family Time

Restoring Health and Wellbeing 


With Homoeopathy


Are you looking for a natural way to support yourself and your family?


Are you tired and stressed, fed up with hormonal imbalance, irregular periods, digestive issues, need support during your pregnancy, with breastfeeding? Are your kids always sick? 

You are not alone, I am here to help!

Hi, I am Leah,



Registered Homeopath based in Woy Woy, Central Coast, New South Wales. I work with  both parents and children on their journey back to health and wellness to live healthy, full  lives.


Homeopathy has a tremendous wealth of support to offer if you are  struggling with a range of physical, hormonal, or emotional issues. 


Having overcome challenges in my own family, I understand the grace and power of holistic and natural treatment of homoeopathy. If you want to look after yourself and your family using the gentle healing of homeopathy, I love to help.

It is easy to use, gentle in action and you will be supported by my expert knowledge to help you feel healthy and well.

I love to help you reach that goal.

Ines Deciccia

​"From the moment I met Leah I felt extremely comfortable and confident that this was a practitioner who was not only professional but had the best interests in mind for her patient's lives holistically.  On Leah's advice my treatment was a mix of homeopathy and conventional medicine which very quickly led me to being able to resolve my women's health issues which I'd struggled with for pretty much my entire adult life. The beautiful part was that the homeopathic treatment Leah prescribed me also treated some of my own personal character vices... all of a sudden I realised I'd changed into the person I truly wanted to become. I wholeheartedly recommend Leah for those seeking a professional, intelligent and results driven practitioner who is easy to talk to."

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To answer your questions and find out how I can help you.