Mums & Babs

One reason to consider homoeopathy for mums and babs is that it is low-risk and can be given during pregnancy, breast feeding and to children. Homoeopathy can be beneficial and supportive during pregnancy & child birth for the symptoms of morning sickness, constipation, haemorrhoids, anticipatory anxiety (if you have to undergo any medical tests) and sleeplessness. During childbirth homoeopathy may help with anxiety, back ache and can be used in healing after Caesarian section.

Post Partum    

After the birth new mums need rest, attention and gentle healing because more often than not they are exhausted and also need  to adjust to their new role as a mum. Homoeopathy may be of benefit with wound healing (after any sustained tearing, episiotomies or caesars) and for bruising (internal and or visible)  as a support of  emotional upset like the ‘baby blues’ (often common around the 5th day), a new mother may feel after her recent birthing experience.

Homeopathy has a plentitude of remedies to support and help new mums experiencing breastfeeding issues such as too little or too much milk, cracked nipples, mastitis or feeling the  ‘baby blues’ (often common around the 5th day). The remedies are gentle and help to restore your bodies balance.


Babies also benefit from homeopathy, with remedies that may bring relief from colic, digestive upset, reflux, constipation, sleep issues and teething. Homoeopathic medicine are low risk and a gentle option for the whole family, and it is an invaluable holistic tool as you and your baby embark on your journey together.

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