Children &  Behaviour

Leah, has a special interest in children’s behavioural problems. Two of her six children were diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, and could not tolerate Ritalin due to side effects. Through the use of whole foods and homeopathic remedies her children’s health improved steadily and both are doing well.

 Has your child difficulties in school with learning, making friends or has been labelled as ADHD? Perhaps you have done some research on the internet, or you’ve heard all the media hype about this condition which not only effects your child but the whole family. You are feeling scared, helpless, not sure of what other options are out there for you… but you KNOW you have to help your child and yourself to get through this and you’d like to do it as naturally as possible as health is important to you.

I know exactly how you feel as I have been there myself. I am a mother of 6 children with two children who have  ADHD. I know that the thing you want most is to take a magic wand and make it all  better for your child. I know hAutism, kid looking far away without interestingow helpless you feel. I know that you desperately want to know what your child is thinking and what they are going through, so you can help them. I know that you want to sleep, have a  bit of quiet time, that you don’t always want to be waiting anxiously for the school & or kindergarten to call and ask you to pick up your child early because………

Would you like to change all that? How would you like help? How would you like to feel that a huge weight is being lifted off your shoulders, that you aren’t alone? That you don’t have to constantly watch your  child? Or wait for that phone call? How would that feel, to have your child back again? I’ll tell you how I felt. It feels like a miracle. I felt like I could love him again. I was amazed that he was actually listening. I  could cuddle him. He started to fit in and people stopped looking at him as the odd one out. He actually figured out that he could have friends, his self confidence grew, he started to put his hand up in class. His  reading was better, his writing was better… and we as a family were able to be happy again. All thanks to homeopathy.


Does this sound like your child?

  • Bored little boy in classrooma problem-child or trouble-maker at school?
  • Disruptive
  • A dreamer
  • Can’t concentrate or finish a task or job.
  • Always forgetting things
  • Diagnosed as ADHD by a teacher or doctor

Leah can:

  • help you through the maze and anxiety of an ADHD child
  • offer you a complete counselling service based on the individual needs of your child
  • conduct a holistic assessment and approach to resolving the issues that may be underlying causing the ADHD
  • prescribe homeopathic remedies to help your child into a more settled stage of their life.
  • refer you to other professionals to give your child the best all-round solution

The famed European Journal of Paediatrics published an article that included two studies: a clinical observation study followed by a randomised, double-blind trial. These studies concluded that homeopathy has positive effects in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) (Frei, Everts, von Ammon, et al., 2005). Read more about the clinical trials here.

I am here to help you as I am so very passionate about helping children, parents and family members of children with ADHD. I have been there, I know what you are going through and I would like to help you with your journey.

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